StructArray C++

Create two structures named package and roomType. The first structure named package contains the members: numRoom, numNight while the structure […]


Define an enumeration type, triangleType, that has the value scalene, isosceles, equilateral, and noTriangle. b) Write a function, triangleShape that […]


You will write two functions in this challenge. First write a function called rec_dig_sum that takes in an integer and […]

MotorSales Company

The MotorSales Company has 15 employees. The employees have an annual sale that usually takes place in the last quarter […]

Hotel Maya

Hotel Maya is running a promotion for its room reservation packages. It is giving discounts to hotel guests based on […]

Lab Exercise 8b

Lab Exercise 8b Purpose: Write and demonstrate a sorting algorithm to sort the elements in an array and [properly swap […]