19 MCQ Orbitz.com combines several major airlines into a one-stop online reservation site

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Orbitz.com combines several major airlines into a one-stop online reservation site. This is an example of a(n):

strategic alliance.
strategic network.

Keeping the Internet free from tax policies applied to off-line transactions:
is a better option for buyers.
gives online retailers a competitive advantage.
means less sales and use tax revenue for the states.
All of the above

Strategies for competing in the Internet product market are based upon:
specialization and generalization.
ecology and competitiveness.
communication and interactivity.
market segmentation and competition.

Which of the following Internet resources can specifically add value through leveraging? ( Not 100% Sure)
Image and link exchange
Loyalty and improvement
Advertising and communication
Content, channel, and communication

A Web site link that points to a particular page is called a:
backward link.
forward link.
reciprocal link.

Your company purchased 250,000 online advertising impressions and made an average net profit per sale of its product of $5. With statistical averages of 3% for click-through and 4% for company turnover, the expected return on your investment is:

A market that emphasizes products and services necessary to the manufacturing and sales of products in a specific industry are known as: ( Not 100% Sure)
procurement markets.
vertical markets.
horizontal markets.
B2C markets.

__________ intermediaries connect buyers and sellers when fragmentation is high on both sides of the market.


Which of the following is NOT a key shift in business activity with regard to ongoing relational exchange?
From products to people
From competition to cooperation
From stand-alone to networked
From transactions to collaboration

The appropriability of technology deals with:
technology that has been illegally appropriated by a foreign government.
how appropriate the technology is for generating long-term profit.

how easily the technology can be learned and used by the host nation employees.

the ability of the firm to profit from its technology by protecting it from its competitors.

Which of the following is NOT a cultural variable?

Career choice

In contrast to Russians, Arabs are more likely to make concessions because of their interest in:
long-term relationships.
accommodating the needs of others.
financial negotiating variables.

The process by which a firm’s managers evaluate the future prospects of the firm and decide on appropriate strategies to achieve long-term objectives is called:

internal resource analysis.
environmental scanning.
strategic planning.
product marketing.

The critical criterion in the use of a franchising strategy is:

financial reserves.
choice of management.
quality control.
whether or not the local market has sophisticated consumers.

Which of the following is an example of the competitive aspect of strategic alliances?
Economies of scale in tangible assets
Upstream-downstream division of labor
Creating a critical mass to develop new technologies
Encircling existing competitors with alliance partners

The creation of a(n) __________ facilitates the beginning of a global strategy.
local division
international division
transnational division
matrix division

__________ are usually preferable where a high level of technical capability is required.

Parent-country nationals
Host-country nationals
Third-country nationals
Cross-cultural nationals

__________ suggests the need for job security, whereas people with __________ would probably be motivated by more risky opportunities for variety and fast-track advancement.

High uncertainty avoidance; low uncertainty avoidance
Low uncertainty avoidance; high uncertainty avoidance
Large power distance; small power distance
Small power distance; large power distance

The degree of general importance that working has in the life of an individual is called:

intrinsic motivation.

extrinsic motivation.
work centrality.
need paradigm.

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