25 MCQ A human resources department may provide all of the following functions EXCEPT

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1) A human resources department may provide all of the following functions EXCEPT:

a. placing recruitment advertisements.

b. employee benefits administration.

c. payroll processing.

d. providing legal advice to employees.

e. delivering training programs.

2) The strategic management of employees:

a. centers around the constant monitoring of regulations and legislative issues.

b. helps an organization achieve competitive advantage.

c. must involve aligning HR activities in order for employees to perform well.

d. focuses on workforce planning and identifying labor force trends.

e. Both b and c.

3) When designing a job, the manager should ask several questions related to which of the

following items?

a. Time

b. Equipment

c. Tasks

d. Technology

e. Training

4) The main purpose of recruitment and selection is to:

a. fill all vacant positions within an organization in a timely fashion.

b. ensure that new hires are offered the most competitive benefits and compensation


c. hire employees who have the knowledge, skills and abilities to help the company succeed.

d. find employees who can be trained to meet the needs of the organization.

e. use “one best way” to find and hire employees.

5) An example of an organization who compensates employees based on performance would most

likely be:

a. providing an employee with a holiday bonus each year in December.

b. paying an employee based on the average number of parts they inspect every four hours.

c. providing an employee with a flat hourly rate for each hour of work they perform.

d. providing a sales employee with a company car due to the volume of sales calls they make.

e. paying an employee an annual salary based on the management role they hold.

6) The majority of your employees are females under the age of 45. Which benefits will most

likely attract and retain them?

a. Workers compensation and personal leave

b. Long term disability and life insurance

c. Wellness programs and free parking

d. Health insurance and vacation time

e. Social Security and a pension plan

7) A company whose strategy focuses on providing excellent customer service would most likely

have the following practices in place EXCEPT:

a. selection tools which assess how an employee may behave towards a difficult customer.

b. job descriptions which emphasize the employee’s role in designing quality products.

c. a compensation program which includes rewards for receiving positive customer


d. a detailed customer service training program for all employees.

e. a no hassle policy regarding product returns and exchanges.

8) An example of internally aligning HR practices is:

a. implementing an employee dress code that increases customer satisfaction.

b. creating a recruitment plan that targets the predominate groups in the organization’s labor


c. implementing a training program which supports the company’s differentiation strategy.

d. setting up the organization’s reporting structure so that payroll and HR report to the same

senior executive.

e. designing a compensation program which offers competitive wages in order to attract and

retain high quality candidates.

9) The owner of J & J Car Dealership has always encouraged his sales staff to be competitive and

he has always taken a “hands off” approach when managing his employees. The sales staff

dresses casually and has very flexible schedules. All of these things describe the company’s:

a. organizational culture.

b. social responsibility.

c. labor force trends.

d. environmental influences.

e. differentiation strategy.

10) Jose’s supervisor often reprimands him in front of his coworkers, does not return his calls or

emails when he has a question, and communicates process changes to his coworkers, leaving

Jose left out. Jose’s supervisor has not demonstrated appropriate:

a. bias suppression.

b. ethical behavior.

c. distributive justice.

d. procedural justice.

e. interactional justice.

11) Establishing independent business units in several countries is known as a(n):

a. multinational strategy.

b. international strategy.

c. global strategy.

d. domestic strategy.

e. transnational strategy.

12) Before deciding to move the assembly of its computer components overseas, BCD Industries

should have taken all of the following into consideration as it relates to managing its

employees EXCEPT:

a. the culture of the overseas country and how it might impact the work ethic of its


b. the cost of labor in the U.S compared to the overseas company for this specific type of


c. the amount of unemployment claims it may have if overseas employees have to be


d. the availability of employees to do this type of work in the overseas country.

e. the skill level of the labor force in the overseas country.

13) Jack’s family runs a farmer’s market that has been in the family for nearly 75 years. The

expectation is that Jack will some day take over managing the family business and keep

traditions that have been established regarding quality, customer service and giving back to the

community. The culture in which Jack lives most likely relates to the cultural dimension of:

a masculinity.

b. short term orientation.

c. individualism.

d. power distance.

e. collectivism.

14) All of the following are considered acceptable defenses in a disparate impact case EXCEPT:

a. the practice is a business necessity

b. bona fide seniority system.

c. job related.

d. a and c.

e. a, b and c are all acceptable defenses.

15) A clothing company that designs petite styles is searching for models who are less than 5’4”.

If all of the black applicants happen to be over 5’4” tall they could be excluded from

consideration based on:

a. mixed motive.

b. business necessity.

c. retaliation

d. job related.

e. hostile work environment.

16) Juan, a long time janitor and a flirtatious employee, has once again been hanging around with

the secretarial staff and making what he feels are innocent comments. Juan says things such

as “The perfume you are wearing is very sexy,” or “That sweater you have on really accentuates

your curves.” Normally, the secretaries ignore his comments and know that he is harmless and

does not intend to harass them. However a new employee, Rose, has taken offense to the

repeated comments and has filed a complaint. As the HR Manager, you should:

a. follow up with Rose after you take the appropriate steps to resolve the issue so that she

knows it has been handled.

b. immediately give Juan the appropriate disciplinary action because the new employee’s

perceptions of him are accurate.

c. investigate the complaint immediately, ensuring you talk to any witnesses and to both Juan

and Rose to get their version of events.

d. All choices are correct.

e. a and c are correct.

17) Undue hardship could be described as all of the following EXCEPT:

a. building an exit ramp from the office which will violate local building ordinances but allow

a disabled employee to exit safely.

b. taking away certain tasks from a disabled employee and requiring other employees to do

the work, which then slows their work down and impacts productivity.

c. allowing an employee to have Sunday off to attend church as long as they can find

coverage by swapping another shift with a coworker.

d. modifying a work station which will then create a safety hazard for other employees who

work in the area.

e. All of the above are an undue hardship.

18) All of the following statements about sexual harassment are correct EXCEPT:

a. If an employee did not report the harassment and the company can show they have a

clearly communicated policy about how to report sexual harassment issues, the company

has a better chance of defending a claim of harassment.

b. Physical contact must take place in order for sexual harassment to be proven.

c. Managers are required to take action as soon as they become aware that sexual harassment

may have occurred.

d. If a reasonable person would find the particular behavior offensive then it is considered

sexual harassment.

e. Sexual harassment is illegal under Title VII because it is a type of discrimination that

impacts employment conditions.

19) Every job, even those that are similar in nature such as an RN and LPN, require different types

of levels of KSAs in order for the person performing the job to be successful. KSA stands for:

a. keenness, skills, and achievement.

b. kindness, sincerity, and admiration.

c. knowledge, self esteem, and aptitude.

d. knowledge, skills, and accountability.

e. knowledge, skills, and abilities.

20) In order to determine what types of competencies are necessary to perform a job successfully,

an organization must complete a:

a. job analysis.

b. job characteristics model.

c. job design.

d. job simplification.

e. job description.

21) The competencies for a job identify things such as the level of education and the number of

years of experience required to hold the job, and are also known as:

a. a job description.

b. job identification.

c. a competitive advantage.

d. essential duties.

e. job specifications.

22) John is an expediter for a paper goods manufacturer. He has been asked to track how much

time he spends traveling to and from each department delivering supplies and how much time

he spends unloading and loading supplies onto his delivery cart. This is an example of:

a. performance feedback.

b. job simplification.

c. job specialization.

d. a time and motion study.

e. assembly line work.

23) Which of the following is the best example of a succession plan?

a. Steven was transferred from a branch office of the bank to the main office so that he could

learn more about the new services that are being offered. He will then return to his branch

office after three months of training and teach his employees there about the new services.

b. Lauren was demoted from her position as Menswear Department Manager and Eric, her

Assistant Manager, was placed in her role until a new manager is hired.

c. Dara, the VP of Distribution, has been mentoring Joseph, the Distribution Services

Manager, for the past three years because she is planning to retire at the end of this year

and Joseph will be taking over for her.

d. Paul is being trained to provide coverage in Jason’s department so he can provide support

to Jason’s employees when he goes on vacation.

e. Bob, a new employee, has been attending all of the management training programs offered

by his organization because he has hopes of being selected for a management position

someday and eventually running his department.

24) A custom wedding dress maker employs 5 seamstresses to assist her with alterations. During

the winter months the demand for her services declines, thereby ________________ her labor


a. increasing; supply

b. increasing; shortage

c. decreasing; demand

d. decreasing; supply

e. increasing; demand

25) QPR Architects Inc. has experienced a slow down of work requests. They must lay off 5

employees and have decided to lay off the last 5 employees hired. Remaining employees felt

that Stan, a twenty-year employee who has performance issues, should have been laid off and

most likely believe that ________________ has occurred in regard to QPR’s workforce planning.

a. procedural injustice

b. discrimination

c. distributional injustice

d. wrongful termination

e. attrition

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