25 MCQ A(n) ________ need is one that motivates the consumer but that the consumer

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25 MCQ A(n) ________ need is one that motivates the consumer but that the consumer/25 MCQ A(n) ________ need is one that motivates the consumer but that the consumer.docx
25 MCQ A(n) ________ need is one that motivates the consumer but that the consumer/Question.txt
25 MCQ A(n) ________ need is one that motivates the consumer but that the consumer/Screenshot_1.png

1) A(n) ________ need is one that motivates the consumer but that the consumer

is reluctant or unwilling to explicitly verbalize.

A) real

B) delight

C) unstated

D) secret

E) stated

2) The ________ is practiced most aggressively with unsought goods, goods that

buyers normally do not think of buying, such as insurance, encyclopedias, and

cemetery plots.

A) production concept

B) product concept

C) selling concept

D) marketing concept

E) holistic marketing concept

3) The strength of the ________ depends on the mutually profi table business

relationships built by the company and its supporting stakeholders.

A) sales network

B) supply chain network

C) integrated network

D) marketing network

E) holistic union

4) ________ activities include those the company undertakes to make the product

accessible and available to target customers.

A) Consumer behavior

B) New-product development

C) Market segmentation

D) Marketing research

E) Channel

5) Julia hates smoking and is willing to pay an extra tax just to help eliminate

smoking in her city. She is exhibiting ________ with respect to smoking.

A) latent demand

B) declining demand

C) negative demand

D) nonexistent demand

E) unwholesome demand

6) When Volvo runs advertisements suggesting that it is the safest car money can

buy, it is engaging in which of the following forms of marketing programming?

A) Positioning

B) Public relations

C) Market segmentation

D) Technological

E) Service

7) The firm should estimate its competitors’ costs and performances as ________

against which to compare its own costs and performance.

A) challenges

B) standards

C) competition

D) moveable standards

E) benchmarks

8) We can say that a ________ has three characteristics: (1) It is a source of

competitive advantage in that it makes a significant contribution to perceived

customer benefits; (2) it has applications in a wide variety of markets; and (3)

it is difficult for competitors to imitate.

A) core technology

B) winning strategy

C) core competency

D) business strategy

E) strategic business unit

9) Most large companies consist of four organizational levels: the ________, the

division level, the business unit level, and the product level.

A) strategic level

B) board of director level

C) corporate level

D) major stakeholder level

E) management team level

10) Which of the following terms matches to the phrase “it is a single business

or collection of related businesses that can be planned separately from the

rest of the company”?

A) growth business unit

B) diverse business unit

C) specialized business unit

D) niche market unit

E) strategic business unit

11) When a customer places an order at BookBox.com, the company processes

the customer’s payment information, sends the order to the nearest ware

house, and ships the order via FedEx. This is best described as the


A) new-offering realization process

B) customer acquisition process

C) customer relationship management process

D) fulfillment management process

E) market-sensing process

12) Through its cutting-edge point-of-sale inventory management technology and

highly efficient shipping practices, Wal-Mart is able to keep its inventory and

logistics costs extremely low and to pass these cost savings on to consumers

in the form of low prices. Wal-Mart’s strategy is best described as ________.

A) overall cost leadership

B) integrative growth

C) differentiation

D) market development

E) focus

13) According to the 2000 census, the U.S. population of 276.2 million was

72% white and ________ % African American. The remainder consisted of

Hispanic Americans and other minorities.

A) 11

B) 13

C) 15

D) 18

E) 20

14)Consumer expenditures are affected by ________.

A) savings

B) credit availability

C) debt

D) all of the above

E) none of the above

15) Today, corporations need to make sure that they are good corporate citizens

and that their consumer messages are honest in order to positively align themselves

with consumers’ ________.

A) views of the universe

B) views of organizations

C) views of themselves

D) views of society

E) views of others

16) Elance.com is a service provider that allows contractors to describe their level

of satisfaction with subcontractors. This is an example of a(n) ________.

A) customer complaint site

B) combo site offering customer reviews and expert opinions

C) public blog

D) independent customer goods and service review forum

E) distributor or sales agent feedback site

17) In response to the U.S. income distribution trend toward ________, Levi-

Strauss introduced premium Levi’s Capital E line to upscale retailers and the

less-expensive Levi Strauss Signature line to mass-market retailers.

A) low and high incomes, with a shrinking middle income segment

B) very low and very high incomes

C) very low incomes

D) mostly low incomes

E) mostly medium incomes

18) William rose rapidly in his organization and was the youngest CEO in the

company’s history. William would be characterized as a ________.

A) reaper

B) taker

C) seeker

D) maker

E) preserver

19) If a marketing researcher wished to reach people who would not give personal

interviews or whose responses might be biased or distorted by the interviewers,

he or she should choose the ________ as the best way to reach people.

A) focus group interview

B) online interview

C) mail questionnaire

D) cell phone interview

E) telephone interview

20)The ________ phase of marketing research is generally the most expensive and

the most prone to error.

A) data collection

B) research objectives

C) questionnaire design

D) research planning

E) interview design

21) According to marketing consultant Pat LaPointe, the ________ measurement

pathway of the marketing dashboard reflects what marketers know about sales

volumes, the marketing cost per unit sold, and where and how margin is optimized.

A) customer metrics

B) unit metrics

C) productivity metrics

D) cash-flow metrics

E) brand metrics

22) There are several methods for assessing market potential. Which of these

methods do business marketers prefer?

A) Brand-development index method

B) Purchase-profitability index

C) Market-test index

D) Multiple-factor index method

E) Market-buildup method

23) As one marketing executive noted, ________ are “…the most cost-effective,

quickest, dirtiest way to get information in rapid time on an idea.”

A) scanners

B) in-store interviews

C) surveys

D) tele-us machines

E) focus groups

24) If a questionnaire says “Small college classes are better places to learn effectively: (choose) 1__ Strongly disagree, 2 __ Disagree, 3__ Neither agree nor

disagree, 4__ Agree, 5__ Strongly agree,” the researcher would be using which

of the following to discover data?

A) Thematic Appreciation Test (TAT)

B) Dichotomous question

C) Semantic differential

D) Likert scale

E) Multiple choice

25) ________ is the difference between the prospective customer’s evaluation of

all the benefits and all the costs of an offering and the perceived alternatives.

A) Failure avoidance rate

B) Perceived usefulness

C) Customer-perceived value

D) Report rating

E) Competitors’ market share rat

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