25 MCQ Since Tom LaSorda has been CEO, Chrysler has

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1) Since Tom LaSorda has been CEO, Chrysler has

A) behaved fairly to current employees.

B) provided training, education, and severance benefits to laid-off employees.

C) promoted the creation of new jobs near Chrysler’s plants.

D) All of the above

2) Good communication serves all of the following important functions in an organization except

A) motivating organizational members.

B) unwinding by Web surfing on company time.

C) expressing feelings and emotions.

D) providing knowledge.

3) ________ emerge from the chain of command established by an organization’s hierarchy.

A) Flexible reporting relationships

B) Intangible reporting relationships

C) Formal reporting relationships

D) Informal reporting relationships

4) The roundabout flow of communication in organizations ensures that

A) members of the organization have access to the information they need to perform their jobs.

B) there are opportunities for informal communication.

C) there are opportunities for organizational politics.

D) the integrity of the formal communication network is preserved.

5) In the communication process, the ________ is the individual, group, or organization for which the information is intended.

A) receiver

B) encoder

C) decoder

D) end-user

6) ________ is the medium with the highest level of information richness.

A) A telephone conversation

B) A personally addressed letter

C) Face-to-face communication

D) A company’s annual report

7) Which of the following is the lowest in information richness?

A) Impersonal written communication

B) Telephone conversations

C) Face-to-face communication

D) Personally addressed written communication

8) Good decisions can help ________ to be effective.

A) groups

B) organizations

C) individuals

D) All of the above

9) According to the classical model of decision making, if members of an organization follow the prescribed steps, they will make

A) optimal decisions.

B) effective decisions.

C) satisfactory decisions.

D) efficient decisions.

10) According to the text, the six pharmaceutical companies that were caught in the price

conspiracy have all

A) replaced their global management teams.

B) gone out of business.

C) established pricing standards.

D) created a special position of ethics officer.

11) ________ is the tendency of decision makers to invest additional time, money, or effort into bad decisions or unproductive courses of action that are already draining an organization’s resources.

A) Escalation of commitment

B) Elevation of capitalization

C) Staying the course

D) Retrenchment

12) A decision to extend a store’s operating hours is more likely to be accepted by the store employees

A) if they are threatened.

B) if they participated in the decision process.

C) if the regional manager made the decision.

D) if the store manager made the decision.

13) Conflict in decision-making groups can become ________ when individual members become more concerned about winning the battle than in making a good decision.

A) dysfunctional

B) inefficient

C) nugatory

D) protracted

14) Examples of ________ include typical mass-production or assembly operations.

A) divisional technology

B) routine technology

C) non-routine technology

D) information technology

15) A decentralized structure of authority that allows employees to respond to each situation in a more unique fashion is most appropriate for

A) automated technology.

B) mass-production technology.

C) small-batch technology.

D) continuous-process technology.

16) The catapult systems operation crew on an aircraft carrier is responsible for operating the system that launches the aircraft from the carrier. The entire process depends

on proper operation of the steam catapult machinery via the performance of

standardized duties in a fixed order. As a result, the most effective structure for the

catapult systems’ operation crew is

A) a functional structure.

B) a differentiated structure.

C) an organic structure.

D) a mechanistic structure.

17) In a ________ fewer managers are needed because their role is not to make decisions;

instead, they act as coaches or facilitators and help other employees make decisions.

A) transactional organization

B) centralized organization

C) monochromatic organization

D) decentralized organization

18) ________ is the development of programmed responses, performance standards,

written rules, and standard operating procedures (SOPs) that specify how employees

and functions should respond to recurring problems or opportunities.

A) Standardization

B) Formalization

C) Organization

D) Virtualization

19) ________ are general criteria, standards, or guiding principles that people use to

determine which behaviors, events, situations, and outcomes are desirable or undesirable.

A) Stories

B) Values

C) Rituals

D) Ceremonies

20) Organizational members learn pivotal organizational values from all of the following except

A) formal socialization practices.

B) symbols.

C) organizational language.

D) press releases.

21) According to the text, which company uses a “boot camp” similar to the military to socialize employees?

A) Dell

B) Hewlett-Packard

C) Microsoft

D) Apple

22) Which of the following is not cited by the text as a reason why unethical behavior occurs?

A) Outside pressures

B) Lapses in individual ethics

C) Ruthless pursuit of self-interest

D) Ignorance of the rules

23) One way in which Japanese automakers have tried to capitalize on the economic and

political unions among nations that have been formed since World War II is to

A) encourage the Japanese government to restrict the number of U.S. cars that can be imported into Japan.

B) advertise how many of their products are made in the United States.

C) invest their profits in real estate in the United States and Europe.

D) open large auto-manufacturing plants in the European Union and the United States in order to avoid tariffs.

24) All of the following are reasons why organizations may resort to restructuring, except

A) to stay on top in the face of competition

B) to incrementally adapt to the marketplace

C) the organization has grown too bureaucratic

D) an unexpected change in the environment

25) ________ uses team building to improve the ways different functions or divisions work


A) Sensitivity training

B) Intergroup training

C) Bilateral bargaining

D) Negotiation

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