50 MCQ A fraternity is an example of an organization because it is comprised of people who

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A fraternity is an example of an organization because it is comprised of people who:
share the same values, traditions, and customs. share the same goals and values. share goals and function within a common structure. function under the same set of rules and regulations.

How many management functions were originally proposed by Henri Fayol?
three: plan, organize, lead four: plan organize, lead, control five: plan, organize, command, coordinate, control ten: 3 interpersonal, 3 informational, 4 decisional

How are the “Post-Millennials” likely to be different from previous generations?
They require products that are completely customized to the individual. They require products that are completely generic and not at all customized to the individual. They require products that are serious and meaningful rather than frivolous and fun. They require products that are of much higher quality than those required by individuals in previous generations.

A global village can be best characterized as a business climate in which there are:
rigid international boundaries. no international boundaries. rigid rules and standards. no rules or standards.

After purchasing new computers for her department, a manager is now comparing the performance of the new computers to the computers they replaced. Which stage of the decision-making process is she carrying out?
analysis of alternatives evaluation of decision effectiveness selection of an alternative implementation of an alternative

__________ is the obligation or expectation to perform a duty.
Responsibility Unity of command Chain of command Span of control
__________ indicates how consistently a selection device measures a criterion.
Operational scoring Qualification Reliability Validity
Using the systems model, managers can promote innovation by having the right:
people and inputs. people and environment. outputs and resources. mechanistic management structure.
Norming is a stage of group development that occurs when the group:
struggles for leadership. defines its purpose. develops cohesiveness. defines its goals.

Each work activity in a Gantt chart is represented by two horizontal bars that identify the:
goal and the date. the date and the manager’s name. goal and actual progress. actual progress and manager’s name.

The Linear Responsibility Chart is used to show linkages between:
people and outcomes. people and tasks. resources and tasks. tasks and outcomes.
Individual team members overstating their budget needs is a problem with __________ budgeting.
bottom-up project expense project task top-down

Ascertaining any product support requirements and ensuring the completion of work are among the main duties of the:
project manager. termination manager. IT manager. operations manager.

A project is a subdivision of a:
master schedule. preliminary plan. program. budget

The normal task duration is the task duration with __________ resource usage.
expected-practice nominal variable standard-practice

In the master schedule project state, the value of the project audit is of __________ usefulness.
limited variable significant average
Schedules, resource requirements and personnel are elements of:
project expense reporting. the project master plan. the preliminary plan. project pre-planning.

In order to prepare a __________, you need to start with a statement of the project’s objectives.
project plan working professional program (WPP) project evaluation report mind map

A significant event in a project is called a(n):
milestone. success factor. critical element. active improvement.
The amount of time the critical path of a project can be delayed without making the project late is called:
standard delay. project slack. project delay. project estimate.

Carl weighs 4 times more than his daughter. If Carl weighs 204 pounds, how much does his daughter weigh?
226 pounds
57 pounds 51 pounds 62 pounds

Rebekah’s recipe for 4 1/2 dozen cookies calls for 6 cups of sugar. How many cups of sugar are needed to make 8 dozen cookies?
9 2/3 cups 12 2/3 cups 11 2/3 cups 10 2/3 cups

Solve. 7 = m/5
m = 35.1 m = 35 m = 35.2 m = 12
Last month, Bill’s electric bill was $80.77. This month, Bill’s bill was $69.06. What is the percent decrease?
0.01 0.16 0.15 0.14

A fisherman has estimated that it takes 6 minutes to paint each square foot of the hull of his boat. How much time should the fisherman allow for the painting of the hull, if the hull were composed of two sides, each 31.5 feet by 8.00 feet?
1512.0 hours 25.2 hours 3024 hours 50.4 hours

The speed limit on a local highway is 65 mi/hr. What is this speed in km/hr?
65 km/hr 15 km/hr 40.3 km/hr 104 km/hr
Find the value of the expression. 99 x 4/9 – (5+4)
43 35 39 36

Solve: 3 – x = 12(x – 1)
x = 3/4 x = 9/11 x = 5/4 x = 15/13
Solve: 2/12x-3/12=8/12
x = 5/2 x = 11/2 x = 11/12 x = 11/6

Which of the following statements is TRUE?
There is some loss of information when raw data is tallied into a stem-and-leaf display. For a stem-and-leaf display, the leaf for the value 98 is 9. The stem in a stem-and-leaf display is the leading digit. For a stem-and-leaf display, the stem for the value 67 is 7.

Three persons earn $8 an hour, six earn $9 an hour, and one earns $12 an hour. The weighted mean hourly wage is:
$9. $9.67. $10.67. $11.

According to which classification or type of probability are the events equally likely?
Classical Relative frequency Subjective Mutually exclusive

A study determines that 60% of the voters in a town intend to vote for the incumbent mayor. If a sample of 8 people is selected, using the binomial formula, what is the approximate probability that 6 of the 8 people surveyed intend to vote for the incumbent?
0.47 1.28 0.6 0.21

What is a listing of all possible outcomes of an experiment and their corresponding probability of occurrence called?
Random variable Probability distribution Subjective probability Frequency distribution

What kind of distributions are the binomial and Poisson distributions?
Discrete Continuous Both discrete and continuous Neither discrete or continuousWhich of the following is NOT true regarding the normal distribution?
Mean, median and mode are all equal. It has a single peak. It is symmetrical. The points of the curve meet the X-axis at z = –3 and z = 3.

The mean of a normally distributed group of weekly incomes of a large group of executives is $1,000 and the standard deviation is $100. What is the z-score for an income of $1,100?
1.00 2.00 1.683 -0.90

Which of the following is NOT a component of the decision-making process?
Alternatives Payoff States of nature Seasonal indexes

Applying probabilities to a payoff table results in:
expected opportunity loss. expected monetary value. expected value of perfect information.
decision tree.
If one group is given some medicine that may cure a disease and the other group is given a sugar pill, the group who got the medicine is the:
hypothetical group. scientific group. control group. experimental group.

Which of the following is NOT true of cell membranes?
They are composed of four carbohydrate layers. They contain protein molecules. They regulate movement of some substances into and out of the cell. They contain phospholipids.

Aerobic cellular respiration requires the use of:
N2. O2. H2. H2O.

_________ describes how a cell makes a protein from the protein coding sequence of a gene.
Transcription Gene expression Translation Gene phrasing

A gene that can be masked by another gene is called:
a pleiotropy. dominant. incompletely dominant. recessive.

hybrid plants are produced by:
cloning. asexual reproduction. vegetative reproduction. sexual reproduction.

Many kinds of disease-causing bacteria are resistant to the standard antibiotics that we use to control them. This is because:
when bacteria are exposed to antibiotics, they mutate. there is genetic variety within the species and those that already have genes for resistance are the ones that reproduce.
new species of bacteria have evolved that are resistant to antibiotics. when the size of the population of a species of bacterium is reduced, genetic variety decreases.

a food chain always begins with:
sympathetic decomposers. photosynthetic autotrophs. pathetic instructors. heterotrophic consumers.
ost microorganisms reproduce:
sexually. by parthenogenesis. asexually. by meiosis.

The normal flow of blood would be:
heart ? capillaries ? arteries ? veins ? heart. heart ? arteries ? capillaries ? veins ? heart. heart ? veins ? capillaries ? arteries ? heart. heart ? veins ? arteries ? capillaries ? heart.

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