A pharmaceutical company

A pharmaceutical company wants to test a new drugs to see whether the medication is
effective in lowering cholesterol levels. 10 are randomly selected and pretested. The subjects were placed on the drug for 3 months, after which their cholesterol levels were tested
again. The results are listed below. Test the company’s claim that the drug lowers cholesterol levels. Assume the samples are random and dependent, and the populations are
normally distributed. Use a =0.20. Subject 1-10 Before 195, 190,205,180,240,222,188,265,234
After 180,220,199,189,170,240,214,188,260,215 a) is data matched pairs of independent? b)
claim in symbolic form c) state Ho and if claim is false, then is true. d) Ha, how many tails
and indicate the tail side(s). e) critical value(s) f) test statistic ( make sure to use t or z in
your answer with substations) G) p-value( show to get p-value , not just the final answer)
h) Reject or fail to reject Ho and why? j) conclusion

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