Airline Reservation

Airline Reservation

This program will allow the user to keep track of airline reservations. The program should display
the seating chart for the airplane. It will use an *to indicate a seat is taken and # to indicate the
seat is available. The program will also display a menu which provides the user with several options.
There will be two types of seats in the airplane: first class and coach, each of which will have a different cost.

The program must make use of files, arrays and functions.

The airplane will have 5 rows in the first class section with 4 seats in each row, 2 on each side of
the aisle and 10 rows in the coach section with 3 seats on each side of the aisle. The prices for all
the 1st class seats will be the same. The first 5 rows of the coach will be more expensive than the last
5 rows. The prices for the seats will be stored in a file called SeatPrices.txt. The program should read
these values from the file and store the values in an array of doubles.

The menu will provide choices to reserve a seat(s) and display the total number of seats sold (indicating
first class and coach), the total number of seats empty in a row, the total number of seats empty in the
plane (indicating first class and coach), and the total amount of sales, in dollars.

Validation: The seat requested by the user is a valid row and seat number. The program should also make sure
that the seat is not already taken.

The program does not need to keep track of which seats were open/taken after closing – every time the program
runs, all the seats start as empty.

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