1. Week Zero Each house starts with a random number of ants between 10 and 100. Create a function that returns the initial count of ants in a house. 2. At the start of each week, you see the number of ants in both houses. Create a display function that displays the number of ants in each house. This is the number of ants at the initial count at Week 0 plus the addition of new ants. 3. Create a function that prompts the user to select which house to call the exterminator to (house1 house2) or ask the user if they wish to give up. This function will only be called on the second week(s) (2, 6, 10, …), but the exterminator will not come until the fourth week(s) (4, 8, 12, 16, …). 4. At the end of each week, the number of ants increases by 30%. Create a function that does this. 5. In the middle of each even week (after the number of ants is displayed), the two houses share a wall, through which the ants may migrate from one to the other. In a given week, if one house has more ants than the other, ants from the house with the higher population migrate to the house with the lower population. Specifically, 30% of the difference (rounded down) in population migrates. Create a function that does this. 6. Every four weeks, at the start of the week (before the total number of ants is displayed), one of the houses is visited by an exterminator, resulting in a 90% reduction in the number of ants in that house (number of ants removed will be rounded up). Ex: if there are three ants in the house, 2.7 ants would be removed, rounding up that’s 3 ants removed so zero ants remain in the house. Create a function that does this. 7. Keep repeating this every four weeks until the user gives up or there are zero ants in both houses. This project is all about functions, use functions throughout the project whenever you need to do repeat anything.

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