AppendData and CountOccurence_File

Write a program that opens a local file C:\DataDirectory\data.txt reads in the data into your
program without removing the data from the file and appends new data onto the end of the existing
data in the program, and then appends the new data onto the existing data within the file.
For example, if the data file originally contained the following data:
Then when the program is done, it should say:
HelloHello my name is Bob
Also, you must utilize exception handing technique to validate that the file has been open, and
offer the user a chance to enter a correct filename until the file is found.
Hint: Use the overloaded open functions, or use random accthe encryptions of E and T.

Write a program that reads as an input file and shows the letter frequencies shown above.
This tool is invaluable to a code breaker. If the most frequent letters are H and K there is a
high probability that they are the encryptions of E and T.

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