Assignment 336B

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Write a program that opens the salesdat.txt file and processes it contents. The program should display the following per store:
The total sales for each week. (Should print 5 values – one for each week).
The average daily sales for each week. (Should print 5 values – one for each week).
The total sales for all the weeks. (Should print 1 value)
The average weekly sales. (Should print 1 value)
The week with the highest amount in sales. (Should print 1 week #)
The week with the lowest amount in sales. (Should print 1 week #)The file contains the dollars amount of sales that a retail store made each day for a number of weeks. Each line in the file contains thirty five numbers, which are sales numbers for five weeks. The number are separated by space. Each line in the file represents a separate store.Please make sure that you:
a. Add a class diagram with your submission.
b. Add comments to your code in FileIO class.
c. Make sure you adequately test your code.
d. Provide a user-friendly interface (Console based).Submitting your work (15 Points)Before submitting your work, please reflect on following points:No errors, program always works correctly and meets the specification(s) (2 points).
The code could be reused as a whole or each routine could be reused (2 points).
Concepts of Array of Objects and Text File Input/Output are applied. (7 points)
Java coding conventions are followed. (1 points).
Code Readability (as suggested in class) (1 points).
Adequately tested (unique test cases, covering boundary conditions) (1 points).
Class diagram is provided (UML usage is not required) (1 points).

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