Attending De Anza

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De Anza/AttendDeAnza.cpp
De Anza/De Anza.sdf
De Anza/De Anza.sln
De Anza/De Anza.suo
De Anza/De Anza.vcxproj
De Anza/De Anza.vcxproj.filters
De Anza/De Anza.vcxproj.user
De Anza/Debug/
De Anza/Debug/AttendDeAnza.obj
De Anza/Debug/cl.command.1.tlog
De Anza/Debug/
De Anza/Debug/CL.write.1.tlog
De Anza/Debug/De Anza.exe
De Anza/Debug/De Anza.exe.embed.manifest
De Anza/Debug/De Anza.exe.embed.manifest.res
De Anza/Debug/De Anza.exe.intermediate.manifest
De Anza/Debug/De Anza.ilk
De Anza/Debug/De Anza.lastbuildstate
De Anza/Debug/De Anza.log
De Anza/Debug/De Anza.pdb
De Anza/Debug/De Anza.vcxprojResolveAssemblyReference.cache
De Anza/Debug/De Anza.write.1.tlog
De Anza/Debug/De Anza_manifest.rc
De Anza/Debug/
De Anza/Debug/link.9500.write.1.tlog
De Anza/Debug/
De Anza/Debug/link.9500-cvtres.write.1.tlog
De Anza/Debug/link.command.1.tlog
De Anza/Debug/
De Anza/Debug/link.write.1.tlog
De Anza/Debug/
De Anza/Debug/link-cvtres.write.1.tlog
De Anza/Debug/mt.command.1.tlog
De Anza/Debug/
De Anza/Debug/mt.write.1.tlog
De Anza/Debug/rc.command.1.tlog
De Anza/Debug/
De Anza/Debug/rc.write.1.tlog
De Anza/Debug/vc100.idb
De Anza/Debug/vc100.pdb
De Anza/ipch/
De Anza/ipch/de anza-866f0aea/
De Anza/Question.txt
De Anza/Screenshot_1.jpg

/*Write a program to calculate your costs for attending De Anza this quarter.

1) Input – to be done in main()
Prompt the user for and input the number of units.
Prompt the user for and input the amount for student fees.

2) Calculate the total (do not consider parking)
Unit cost should be given as a # define.
Must use a function to calculate the total. The function must have the following prototype (declaration).

double calcTuition(double units, double studentFees);

3) Output the total amount.
You must use a function to output the total. The function must have the following prototype (declaration).

void output(double total);

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