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Banking Transactions/Debug/
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Banking Transactions/Debug/
Banking Transactions/Debug/mt.write.1.tlog
Banking Transactions/Debug/rc.command.1.tlog
Banking Transactions/Debug/
Banking Transactions/Debug/rc.write.1.tlog
Banking Transactions/Debug/vc100.idb
Banking Transactions/Debug/vc100.pdb
Banking Transactions/Question.txt
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Write a C program that allows the user to make some simple banking
The program should first prompt the user to enter the current balance of his/her
bank account (in dollars and cents, not less than zero). The program should then
prompt the user to enter the number of withdrawals to make, and then the
number of deposits to make.
For this assignment, let’s set a maximum of 5 deposits and 5 withdrawals,
you’ll see why as you read on.
Using a loop, the program should then prompt the user to enter the amount of
the first deposit (a positive amount to add to the bank account balance), the
amount of the second deposit, the third, etc., until the number of deposits have
been processed.
Using a second loop, the program should then prompt the user to enter the
amount of the first withdrawal (a positive amount to subtract from the bank
account balance, if possible), the amount of the second withdrawal, the third,
etc. until the number of withdrawals have been processed.
Once all deposits and withdrawals have been made, the program should output
the ending balance.

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