Created BMI class with public access mode
Defined at least two constructors for BMI class with public access
Defined default constructor with public access
Defined data members, selecting approriate data types, with private access for weight and height
Defined properties for each data member (set & gets) with public access
Defined a method to Calculate BMI as opposed to defining data member
Calculate BMI method defined with public access, included no parameters. Returned a value, had no parameters
Used Appropriate formula in the Calculate BMI method
Provided method which tests BMI ranges, returned string for each category
if statement designed to perform as few tests as needed
Provided ToString( ) Method to display results
Created second class, TestClassApp to test other class
Instantiated object of BMI class
Tested methods, properties, etc in test class
Included as part of the final display a heading that includes student’s name

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