This exercise requires designing a program which solves the problem described in the problem statement below. Provide comments for your pseudo-code and Java program as necessary.Your solution must include these components:Pseudo-codeFlowchartProgram CodedProgram OutputProblem Statement
Design a program thatAsks the user to enter the number of books that they have purchased this month.Displays the number of points awarded.If the user enters a value less than 0, it will display an error message and will not display any points.Serendipity Booksellers has a book club that awards points to its customers based on the number of books purchased each month. The points are awarded, as shown below. If the customer purchases:0 books, they earn 0 points1 book, they earn 5 points2 books, they earn 15 points3 books, they earn 30 points4 or more books, they earn 60 points.’

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