You are to write a program that serves as a partial inventory processing system for The Book Warehouse, a non-profit organization that accepts donations of used books.
Every weekend, people bring books to donate. Every book is logged by title, format (paperback, hardcover, audiobook), and genre (nonfiction,literature,popular fiction,. The organization is looking for a system that will allow the volunteer staff to enter details about each book. They will enter the title, the category, the genre, and the number of copies, as follows:

Please Enter the Number of Copies: ###
Please Enter the Title of the Book: ###
Please Enter the Format of the Book: ###
Please Enter the Genre of the Book: ###

This will continue until all donations are recorded.
If the user enters “0” as the number of copies, the program will proceed to print the following:
Donation Data Entry Complete.
Total Books Received at Warehouse: ###
Number of Duplicate Titles: ###
Book with the Largest Number of Copies: [title of the book]
Number of Books in the Nonfiction genre: ###
You must use at least one loop, and at least one list in this assignment.
The number of copies of each book cannot be less than zero, and the program processing should not allow that.
The title and genre for each book may be entered in any case, but should be stored in lowercase.
Valid genres are: Science fiction, Satire, Drama, Action and Adventure, Romance, Mystery, Horror, Self-help, Health, Travel, Children’s, Religion, Spirituality & New Age, Science, History, Math, Comics, Art, Biography, Fantasy.

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