calAverage CPP

Suppose the owner of truck shop gave you a file that contains the list of items, the number of items sold, and the price of each item in a week. You are requested to write a program that will calculate the total and average price of all the items sold. The program will then output the name of an item, weekly total price of each item, and the average price of all items. Furthermore, the program should display the names of all items that have a total price greater than the average price. Your program should have only the following functions:

main function that calls all the functions except the calAverage function

void getItemData that reads data from a file

void calculateTotal that calculates the total amount for each item

void print that displays the name of items, number of items, price per item, and total price

double calcAverage that calculates the average

void calcAverageGreater that calls calcAverage, displays average and items whose total price is greater than average

You should use two parallel arrays: a one-dimensional array to store all the names of the items and a two-dimensional array to store number of items sold in a week, and the prices for items as indicated in the table below:

Items Number of Items Prices
Milk 60 12.50
Cabbage 17 14.25
Cremora 9 24.50
Soap 25 17.50
Rama 55 10.50
Bananas 40 18.75
Pears 45 4.50
Drinks 60 20.00
Oranges 65 18.75
Lotions 30 9.75
Lettuce 21 11.50
Sugar 24 30.08
Lemons 11 18.60

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