Write a program that calculates class average and number of students who are following average score ranges: over 90 80.00 – 89.99 70.00 – 79.99 65.00
– 69.99 less than 65 Your program must meet following requirements Must use one dimensional array to save average of three exams for each student. -10 points Array size should be flexible. – should be user input via keyboard and depends on number of students
in the class. -10 points Three exam scores should be input by keyboard. And calculate average of three exams and save it to the array. -10 points Create two user-defined functions – one is for calculating class average and the other is for counting how many
students are in each ranges. -20 points All passing variable to the function should be “call by reference”. – meaning that you should pass pointer of an array to the function and each function should use pointer to calculate average as well as counting number
of students in each range. -30 points The program must use proper data type.

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