Calculator C#

Create a class called Calculator which contains methods for arithmetic operations such as Addition, Subtraction ,Multiplication and Division. Division method should return the Quotient and Remainder(hint:use out parameter).Follow the method signatures as given below:public int Addition(int a, int b)public int Subtraction(int a, int b)public int Multiplication(int a, int b)public double Division(int a, int b, out double remainder). //The method should return the Quotient and Remainder should be passed through the out parameter.The methods should return the appropriate result.Create a class Program with Main Method . Prompt for 2 operands and operator from the user, Call the appropriate method for operation and display the results.Note:Don’t create any new namespace.Create classes with pubic access specifierSample InputEnter the operator+Enter the operands1210Sample OutputResult of 12 + 10 is 22Sample InputEnter the operator/Enter the operands112Sample OutputResult of 11 / 2 is 5Remainder =1Sample InputEnter the operator&Enter the operands1210Sample OutputInvalid Operator

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