Campground Rates

Need application to assists the campground manager to compute the total bill for a camping stay at a campground.  The application will calculate the total cost including 7.5% state tourist tax. The user can select the type of campground site, number of days, and type of discount program. The user first views a windows form that displays the campground name, a combo box object requesting the type of site: tent site $20 a night, RV $35 a night, cabin rental $55 a night. The number of nights (textbox object), and discounts if the have one of the following: AAA(10%) or Military (12%). After the information has been entered, a Sub procedure displays the labels: Subtotal billing amount for your stay, taxes for your stay, and final cost.

Pass the cost of the type of camping site and number of nights to a Sub procedure to calculate the subtotal of the camp site. Do Not display the amount in this procedure.Â
Pass the subtotal and the discount amount to a Function procedure. Determine the subtotal based on the type of discount. Pass the amount back to the calling method.
Another Function procedure should compute the 7.5% tax. Pass that value back to the calling method. Pass the subtotal, tax, and final cost to a Sub procedure to display the results. the input values should be validated in a separate procedure by try-cathc block. Â

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