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Car Production/Car Production/obj/x86/Debug/Car Production.xml
Car Production/Car Production/obj/x86/Debug/Car_Production.Form1.resources
Car Production/Car Production/obj/x86/Debug/Car_Production.Resources.resources
Car Production/Car Production/obj/x86/Debug/DesignTimeResolveAssemblyReferences.cache
Car Production/Car Production/obj/x86/Debug/DesignTimeResolveAssemblyReferencesInput.cache
Car Production/Car Production/obj/x86/Debug/
Car Production/Car Production/obj/x86/Debug/GenerateResource.write.1.tlog
Car Production/Car Production/obj/x86/Debug/TempPE/
Car Production/Car Production/obj/x86/Debug/TempPE/My Project.Resources.Designer.vb.dll
Car Production/Car Production/obj/x86/Release/
Car Production/Question.txt
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MIS348 Assignment#3

Task: An auto manufacturer has four different brands of cars that are produced by factories in four regions. Your task is to write a VB program to summarize the number of units produced, by brand, by region, and the grand total.

User interface:

Grading Criteria (Total: 60 points):

1. Create the user interface as above. (5 points)

2. First, the user selects a brand from the brandsListBox list, and a region from the regionsListBox list. Then, the user enters the number of production units in the text box unitsTextBox for the selected brand and region. When the user clicks the button “Enter”, this number is stored in a two dimensional array.
2.1 Create a module-level two-dimensional array to store the production units. (5 points)
2.2 Store the entered number of production units into the two-dimensional array. (10 points)
2.3 If the user does not select a brand or a region, display a message box to remind the user. (5 points)

3. When the user clicks the “Calculate Totals” button, compute the production units for every brand, the units for every region, and the grand total units, using the entered production unit number. Display these totals in the labels.
3.1 Create a single-dimension array to store the number of production units by brand across regions. (5 points)
3.2 Create another single-dimension array to store the number of production units by region across brands. (5 points)
3.3 Use the entered data to compute total units by brand and store the totals in the first array. (5 points)
3.4 Use the entered data to compute total units by region and store the totals in the second array. (5 points)

4. When the user clicks the “Clear” button, complete the following functions.
4.1 Clear the text box, the labels for output, and set focus on the text box. (5 points)
4.2 Clear the values in the two-dimensional array which is used to store the entered production units. (5 points)

5. When the user clicks the “Exit” button, close the program. (5 points)

6. In addition to complete the program with the above required basic functions, you may create a Structure in the program to store and process the data.

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