A young entrepreneur has decided to start an online exotic car sales company named Exotic Moves and he’s contacted you […]

Week 6 Homework

CS 345 Week 6 Homework 1 – 5) Finally! You get to prove your scripting skills since I know you’ve […]


A REGION can contain many stores. A STORE is located in only one REGION. The relationship between STORE and REGION […]

Choose Diet

Program should start by asking for the patient id (which is a six-digit positive integer with no leading zeroes). When […]

Homework 7

1. (3 points) Exercise 9, page 205. Just write out the recursive method gcd; you aren’t required to write or […]


There are three seating categories at a stadium. For an upcoming concert, Class A seats cost $75, Class B seats […]


Get a limit (type int) from the user to represent the upper limit of the list. There must be error […]