Lab Exercise 8b

Lab Exercise 8b Purpose: Write and demonstrate a sorting algorithm to sort the elements in an array and [properly swap […]

4 Python Program

1. Write a program to count the number of ‘e’ s in this string:“With all this content, both new and […]

Dissertation Algorithm

Algorithm for the optimum digital payment calculation As per research study and survey results, we founded that country level factors […]


Write a program to calculate students average test scores and their grades. You may assume to following data: Johnson 85 […]

Paint C++

Instructions A room has one door, two windows, and a built-in bookshelf and it needs to be painted. Suppose that […]

CS285 Mid Project

Create a simple Employee class with name, department, and title. Create an hourlyEmployee class (which inherits from the Employee class) […]


A young entrepreneur has decided to start an online exotic car sales company named Exotic Moves and he’s contacted you […]