You have been contracted to create an application that can be used to determine the discount awarded for preferred customers. […]


Create an application that simulates rolling a pair of dice. When the user clicks a button, the application should generate […]


In the English measurement system, 1 yard equals 3 feet and 1 foot equals 12 inches. Use this information to […]


TicketsRUs needs an application to calculate ticket prices. There are three ticket prices: • Orchestra $90 each • Mezzanine $75 […]


Your client needs an application to that can display either the heads or tails of a coin. You need to […]

Parking Charges

Parking Charges A parking garage charges a $2.00 minimum fee to park for up to three hours. The garage charges […]

POS409 Week1 Pet’s Name

Design, implement, test, and debug a C# program that displays a pet’s name when a button is clicked. Create a […]


A slot machine is a gambling device into which the user inserts money and then pulls a lever (or presses […]


Create an application with a group of 3 radio buttons that generates a random number in the range of 1 […]