Cost of Delivering Package

Cost of Delivering Package 1

Submit the source code for the program that is described below.
For console applications: upload a text file with a .txt or .csfile extension.For window forms applications: upload the zipped project folder.
A local delivery service contacted you to write a program that calcuates the cost of a delivering a package. The business will use the program in preparing quotes for perspective customers.

The delivery service delivers packages only in Houston. The delivery service charges by the mile according to the destination zip code listed in the chart below. The chart contains the cost per mile delivery charge for each destination zip code.


Destination Zip Code

Cost per Mile in $














At a minimum
, write a program that allows a user to enter a zip code and the mileage. Then the program will display the total delivery cost.


For example the program could prompt the user,”Please enter the destination zip code: ” and “Please enter the total number of delivery miles: ”


If in this example, the user enters 77004 and 10, the program would display:


“For a 10 mile delivery, at the rate of $2.00 per mile, the total cost of delivery is $20 in zip code 77004.”


Your program may contain other features.


For full credit your program must contain the following elements:


1. Source Code Organization: The program illustrates a step-by-step approach to the solution.

2. References/Documentation: The program contains documentation that explains what material from each of the chapters 1-5 of the text is illustrated.

3. Syntax: The program contains no syntax errors.

4. Content: The program correctly illustrates material from chapters 1-5 of the text.

5. Originality: The program is original. All programs that are similar will receive a maximum grade of 75.


6. Correctness: The program works correctly. The program checks input for valid entries, formats output, computes correctly, etc.


     Submit the source code for the program that is described below.
Upload a text file with a .txt or .cs or extension ONLY.


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Created a form justifying all conditions mentioned.

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