Write a function that allocates memory for an integer array. The function takes as an argument an integer pointer, the […]

Dirty Dice

Let’s play Dirty Dice The assignment’s objective is to create a C++ based game in which one player (the user) […]


A popular method of displaying data is in a Histogram. A histogram counts how many items of data fall in […]


Write a c++ program that will calculate the income taxes owed based on the following table. Income Range Income Tax […]


Write a program to convert currency from UK pounds or sterling to US dollar. Read the quantity of money in […]


Write C program that does the following, in your main function read two numbers(height and radius) from the user. Write […]

Diver Score

A program that computes a diver’s score based on the degree of difficulty and 5 judge’s scores. In diving, the […]


Overview: This project is for testing the introduction of classes and dynamic allocation of arrays of classes. In this assignment, […]