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Assignment 336B

Write a program that opens the salesdat.txt file and processes it contents. The program should display the following per store: The total sales for each week. (Should print 5 values – one for each week)….


Write a Java menu-driven program that creates and manipulates a directory of names, telephone numbers, and home addresses. The following information will be stored for each person in the directory: – Name (Last, First) –…


Write a program that calculates the future value of an investment at a given interest rate for a specified number of years. The formula for the calculation is : futureValue = investmentAmount * (1 +…


Writing a program that implements an ATM machine. The interface to the program should be a GUI that looks similar to the following: The program should consist of three classes. The first class is ATM….


Write a program to calculate students average test scores and their grades. Use three arrays: a one-dimensional array to store the student names, a (parallel) two- dimensional array to store the test score, and a…

Assignment 3 – Write a console (all I/O via and System.out) program that reads in two integer numbers and identifies if their sum is at least 3 times greater than their product. Print the conclusion….

Home Utility NetBeans

Write a Java™ GUI application using NetBeans™ Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that does home utility auditing. The user should be able to: Enter the cost per kilowatt-hour. Select from a list of 5- to 7-home…

Quick Fast Car Care Application

CIS355A Week 4 iLab Quick Fast Car Care Application iLAB STEPS Step 1: Quick Fast Car Care Application Quick Fast Car Care is a small business that specializes in oil changes and car washes. Their…


Write a Java program (non-GUI preferred) to demonstrate the use of Iterator. The program should allow a user to do the following: Allow the reading of a collection of animal objects from an external file….


Define a class DateTime which has integer attributes day, month , year and time(Use Military time, 1:00pm is 1300, no colon). Make DateTime Serializable and Comparable. Define a class appointment which has String attributes description,…

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