Assignment 2 Week 4 ENTD 461

Instructions: Object Oriented Programming You are going to enhance the application by creating two main classes 1- Create a class […]

Rainfall Statistic

Create an Visual Basic application that lets the user enter the rainfall for each of 12 months into an array. […]

Final Averages for Semester

Final Averages for Semester Purpose: This Windows application allows an instructor to enter 10 project scores from a course for […]


Create an application that displays a form similar to the one show Figure 5-44. When the Enter Numbers button is […]

GPA Calculator

Create a GPA calculator. Ask the user to input a list of classes and the number of tests per class. […]

Home Utility Auditing Week 3

Project is to design, implement, test, and debug program that contains additions from the previous program version. The user should […]

Population Organisms

Write a program that will predict the size of a population of organisms. The program should ask for the starting […]