HotelCateringConferenceService 1

Write a program to prepare bills for the hotel catering & conference service given the following information: • Deluxe (D) meals will cost R100.85 per person and Standard (S) meals will cost R66.50 per person • There are five banquet rooms with various rent rates. Room Rent A R155.00 B R275.00 C R385.00 • All customers will be charge the same rate for service, currently 12%. It only applies to the cost of the food. • A discount is offered and it depends on the number of days entered. When the number of days is less than 4 the discount is 5%; when the number of days is at least 4 and less than 8 the discount is 10%; and when the number of days is at least 8 the discount is 15%. • The program should accept from the user the type of meal, room type, number of meals, number of days and deposit amount paid and then calculates the final bill as indicated below: 1. Design a form, using appropriate label and textbox to accept the required input. (2) 2. Use procedure to calculate the total amount payable for the food. (3) 3. Use a procedure to calculate the service charge. (3) 4. Using a function, determines the discounted amount payable, if that is any? (3) 5. Use a procedure to calculate the discounted price. (3) 6. Use a function to calculate the VAT @15% (3) 7. Use another function to calculate the Amount payable (3) 8. Display all calculated values.Language (or Software): Visual Basic
Browser (if necessary): Other


Screenshot 1-1

Develop an app that generates a random number and prompts the user to guess the number. When the user clicks the New Game Button, the app chooses a number in the range 1 to 100 at random. The user enters guesses into the Guess: TextBox and clicks the Enter Button. If the guess is correct, the game ends, and the user can start a new game. If the guess is not correct, the app should indicate whether the guess is higher or lower than the correct number. Use instance variables for a Random object and to store the randomly generated number in the range of 1 to 100. If a guess is correct, display Correct! in the output Label, then disable the Enter Button and enable the New Game Button. If a guess is higher than the correct answer, display Too high… in the output Label. If a guess is lower than the correct answer, display Too low… in the output Label. For the user’s convenience, give the Guess: TextBox the focus after each guess is processed.

Triangles of Asterisks

Screenshot 1-8

(Triangles of asterisks) Write a program that displays the following patterns separately, one below the other in a textbox. Use for…Next loops to generate the patterns. All asterisks (*) should be displayed one at a time by the statement outputTextBox.AppendText(“*”) (This causes the asterisk to display side by side.) The statement outputTextBox.AppendText(vbCrLf) can be used to display spaces for the last two patterns. There should be no other output statement for the program. [Hint: the last two pattern require that each line begin with an appropriate number of blanks.] Maximize your use of repititon(with nested For…Next statements) and minimize the number of output sttements. Set the TextBox’s font property to Lucida Console, its MultiLine property to True and its ScrollBars property to verticle ‘so that you can scroll through the results. Provide textboxs to enter the size of the triangles and the symbol to print. Print the triangles only when size is between 3 and 15, inlcusive.

Class Grade Calculator Application

Class Grade Calculator Application 2

Class Grade Calculator Application

This application finds the average grade of homework scores entered.

From a Windows application, the user enters the grade of up to 10 assignments to compute the average grade on the assignments.

1. The user must be able to enter each of 10 grades after clicking the Enter Grade button.
2. Each grade is validated to confirm that the value is numeric and greater than zero.
3. Each grade is displayed in a ListBox object.
4. After the 10 grades are entered or when the user clicks the Cancel button in an input box, the average grade is calculated and displayed.
5. A menu bar includes the File menu, which contains Clear and Exit items. The Clear menu item clears the result and the values representing the grades. The Exit menu item closes the application.
1. If a non-numeric or negative value is entered for the grade, the program should display an error message and ask the user to reenter the value.
2. If the user clicks the Cancel button before entering any grades, a message should indicate no grades were entered. An average is not calculated when no speeds are entered.
1. The picture shown in the picture box can be found and downloaded from BlackBoard. The picture is ReportCard.
2. The average grade should be formatted as a Decimal value with one decimal place.

Assignment 2 Week 4 ENTD 461

Assignment 2 Week 4 ENTD 461 3


Object Oriented Programming

You are going to enhance the application by creating two main classes

1- Create a class for the math (“+”,”-“) operations — name the class “MathOp”
2- Extend the class using inheritance to include (“*”,”/”) name the class “MathOp2”
3- Create the following class/function
when select a line from the list box, the user should be able to modify the values/operations and save it to the listbox/database Let’s say the user clicked on “1+3=4”, the values 1,3 should be displayed in the input text boxes.

Submission Instructions:

Develop an Object-Oriented documentation that include the following

1- List of all classes and their purposes
2- Relationship between classes
3- Data dictionary for each class, method and the return type of each method
4- Optionally you can develop an UML (Unified Modeling Language) using any of these tools: – MS Word, Visio, or UML toolkit

Rainfall Statistic

Rainfall Statistic 4

Create an Visual Basic application that lets the user enter the rainfall for each of 12 months into an array. The application should calculate and display the following statistics: total rainfall for the year, the average monthly rainfall, and the months with the highest and lowest amounts of rainfall.

Final Averages for Semester

Final Averages for Semester 5

Final Averages for Semester

Purpose: This Windows application allows an instructor to enter 10 project scores from a course for a semester to compute one student’s average. The application displays the final average for the semester with the two lowest scores removed from the average. The eight grades in sorted order and final average are written to a text file named grades.txt stored on a USB drive (drive E:).

Program Procedures: In a Windows application, the average of a student’s grade is computed with the lowest two project scores dropped. The results are written to a text file.

Algorithms, Processing, and Conditions:
1. The user views a Windows application that displays a title, a picture of a grade book, and an InputBox function, which requests the 10 project grades.
2. The program displays the final average for the semester with the two lowest scores dropped.
3. The program saves the sorted eight grades and the final average to a text file named grades.txt stored on the USB drive (drive E:).

Notes and Restrictions: 1. The project grades should be between 0 and 100.


SumOfNumbers 6

Create an application that displays a form similar to the one show Figure 5-44. When the Enter Numbers button is clicked, the application should display the input box shown in Figure 5-45.The input box asks the user to enter a postive integer value. Notice that the default input value is 10. When the Ok button is clicked , the application ahould display a message box with the sum of all the integers from 1 through the value entered by the user, as shown in Figure 5-46

GPA Calculator

GPA Calculator 7

Create a GPA calculator.

Ask the user to input a list of classes and the number of tests per class.
Once the user has entered this initial information, allow the list to be saved when the user exits the program.
When the program starts, any existing data should be loaded automatically.
After the user has entered the list of classes and number of tests for each class, the user can then enter grades for each test.
Create a button that allows the user to request a GPA calculation at any time. (GPA = average for each class averaged for the total number of classes in a semester.)
All programs should have basic menu options that allow the user to exit the program and perform tasks you deem necessary for the program to function correctly.

Home Utility Auditing Week 3

Home Utility Auditing Week 3 8

Project is to design, implement, test, and debug program that contains additions from the previous program version.

The user should have the ability to: export the data in the listing area to an external text file and change the default power ratings of a selected appliance.

Program should: use arrays or structures where applicable and read the default power rating for appliances from an external text file.

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