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Object Oriented Programming CIT has long required a Hotel to allow students and overworked lecturers a place to stay late at night. You are required to create a menu driven hotel system to allow management to rent rooms out to clients. The system will
control 15 rooms (3 suites, 6 doubles, 6 singles). Each room has a rate per night per person, indicator whether it is in use, max guests and current occupant of room is in use 1. Suite can hold 3 guests a. Rate is 150 pp per night 2. Doubles can hold 2 people
a. Rate is 100 pp per night 3. Singles hold 1 person a. Rate is 75 per night Max 27 occupants in hotel per night. The system has the following basic functions: 1. Reservations ? Add a new reservation i. A reservation will be either from a student or a lecturer
ii. Once a reservation is made the room is no longer available ? Cancel a Reservation i. A room becomes available once reservation is cancelled ii. Guest is removed from system once reservation cancelled ? Display all Reservations 2. Display All current guests
? By Lecturer or by Student 3. Display all available Rooms 4. Process a new reservation ? Get the guest details ? Give option of room i. Check room availability ? Lecturers get 10% discount on room rate 5. Display Payments ? Process a payment i. A room becomes
available once payment is received ii. Guest is removed from system payment is received ? Outstanding Payments 6. Exit the system ? Asks the user to save the current system ? Save to file i. Reads from file if file exists on startup to load objects into the
system. The following are expected to be used in the code ? Packages ? Good programming standards ? OOP concepts ? Comments – Indicating what methods are supposed to be doing ect. i. Very useful to readers when grading code to know what a programmer was doing
when creating a method. ? Exception handling i. Use your own Exception where applicable ? Indentation ? Naming standards ? Collections i. Arraylist ect.. ? Read/Save to file Below are examples of what your menu’s could look like: Main Menu ************* Welcome
to CIT Hotel Management Systems **************************************************** 1) Display Available Rooms 2) Display Guests 3) Process Reservation 4) Process Payment 5) Exit Reservations Menu ********************** Welcome to Reservations ******************************
1) New Reservation 2) View Reservation 3) Cancel Reservation 4) Return

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