Class Grade Calculator Application

Class Grade Calculator Application

This application finds the average grade of homework scores entered.

From a Windows application, the user enters the grade of up to 10 assignments to compute the average grade on the assignments.

1. The user must be able to enter each of 10 grades after clicking the Enter Grade button.
2. Each grade is validated to confirm that the value is numeric and greater than zero.
3. Each grade is displayed in a ListBox object.
4. After the 10 grades are entered or when the user clicks the Cancel button in an input box, the average grade is calculated and displayed.
5. A menu bar includes the File menu, which contains Clear and Exit items. The Clear menu item clears the result and the values representing the grades. The Exit menu item closes the application.
1. If a non-numeric or negative value is entered for the grade, the program should display an error message and ask the user to reenter the value.
2. If the user clicks the Cancel button before entering any grades, a message should indicate no grades were entered. An average is not calculated when no speeds are entered.
1. The picture shown in the picture box can be found and downloaded from BlackBoard. The picture is ReportCard.
2. The average grade should be formatted as a Decimal value with one decimal place.

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