CMSC 131 Homework #6

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CMSC 131 Homework #6

For this homework you will implement a program that keeps track of customers and movies in a video store. Your program will allow employees to add customers to the database, to add movies, to change the status of a movie (from available to rented), etc. Different from other homeworks, we will not provide any support infrastructure for this project. You will design and implement all the classes needed to complete the video store application. More details about the program are provided in the Specifications section. You may want to take a look at the Sample Run section before you read the detailed description.

This homework will be graded as follows:

65% – Implementation
25% – Design
10% – Time log

Program Tasks Overview

You will write a program that enables an video store employee to complete the following tasks:

Add a movie to the collection of movies (database) available for rent.
Find information about a movie.
Search for movies in the database with a specific genre (type) and/or from a particular year on.
Add a customer to the collection of customers (database) that can rent movies.
Find information about a customer.
Remove a customer from the database.
Rent a movie.
Return a movie.
Print all the movies in the database.
Print all the customers in the database.

Customer’ names are unique and consist of a first name and last name (no middle initial).
Movies’ titles are unique.
A customer rents a movie and immediately pays for it.
The store keeps only one copy of each movie title.
When the program is started there are no customers or movies in the system.

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