Using the concepts learnt up to and including chapter 5.
Modify a Java program that meets the following requirements:
Given the program listing 2.10 ComputeChange (found in chapter 2), I want you to modify that program
so that the user may enter the amount to compute change multiple times using a sentinel value to end
the program, and add a prompt to ask the user if they want to check another amount to determine the
maximum number of dollars, quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies. Also add an if statement to
determine if there is an amount in the cents and proceed to determine the number of quarters, dimes,
nickels, otherwise if cents is zero then bypass those calculations.
At the beginning of the program add the following comments.
//Filename //Written by
//Written on //Assignment number
//Program description
Modify a java program from detailed directions.
Ability to:
Follow established programming conventions for writing java programs
Add comments as needed
Able to modify an existing program
Add a prompt making sure the user understands the purpose of the program
Add an IF statement
Use the appropriate type of loop
Use a sentinel value
Modify print statements for output

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