Contributor HashTable

Hash Structure:
At this point, you decide to implement a Hash structure for the contributor data to prepare for searches. You will read the contributor information from a file provided; it is a comma delimited (CSV) file. As each record is read, create a Hash table for the ID field. The limitation for the Hash table is that it has a size of 5, so you need to be able to handle collisions. Collisions should be resolved through the use of a linked list for the ID values (implement this using a stack). Your design should include the following:
A Hash table pointing to a structure for a linked list that contains only the following information:
Each Hash Bucket Collision Item will have the following Information:
ID: Integer; //identifier key for future needs
Hash Bucket Functions/Methods:
Input constructor: //to accept a string for the name and additional information for each contributor (you will only need the ID portion of the input data)
Hash Function constructor: (Hint: You only have 5 Hash buckets, so the function can be a very simple calculation.)
Pop constructor
Push constructor
Print constructor: //to show the contents of a Hash bucket
A fully documented program to load the Hash table with collisions being handled as a linked list, implemented as a Stack
A test plan to show how the program runs and can be executed
A screenshot showing that the program loaded the data, and after all data is loaded, shows the contents of the first Hash bucket (ideally this is Bucket 0)

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