Coupon Collector

Solve the following problem using arrays:
Part A: Coupon collector is a classic statistic problem with many practical applications. The problem is to pick objects from a set of objects repeatedly and determine how many picks are needed for all the objects to be picked at least once. A variation of the problem is to pick cards from a shuffled deck of 52 cards repeatedly and find out how many picks are needed before you see one of each suit. Assume a picked card is placed back in the deck before picking another. Write a program to simulate the number of picks needed to get total of four cards from each different suit and display the four cards picked (it is possible that a card may be picked twice).Here is a sample run of the program:
Queen of Spades
5 of Clubs
Queen of Hearts
4 of Diamonds
Number of picks: 12Sample run explanation: As you see in the above run, 12 picks are made to get the four cards from different suits. The other 8 picks (12-4=8) were from the same previously picked suits, so they are not printed. So we continue picking a card until we see at least one card from each of the for suits.Note: The card pick is with replacement, meaning that when you pick a card from the deck of 52 card, you put it back in the deck. There is chance to see the previously selected card again.

Part B: Put part A in a for loop and repeat it 10,000 times and report the average number of total picks we should have to see 4 cards from different suits.

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