Death Battle

Death Battle
You and an opponent will battle each other to the DEATH!! Each time you battle, you will inflict damage on your opponent, but your opponent will do the same to you.
You will be able to choose from 3 weapons, each inflicting damage (or reducing health) of a certain range. The damage incurred will be selected randomly. The catch is that you may only use some of the weapons a limited number of times.
Weapon Damage Range Number of rounds
Canon 10 – 15 3
Grenade 7 – 12 4
Rifle 3 – 8 Unlimited
You and your opponent will both start with a health level of 100. At the beginning of each turn, the user will select the weapon for the round. The computer will randomly select how much damage to incur from the range listed, and subtract that from the remaining health. Then, the computer will select a weapon at random and randomly select how much damage to incur from the range listed.
After each turn, list the remaining health for both teams. The team whose health reaches 0 first is the loser. The team with health remaining is the victor.
Nice additions:
· Randomly select which team fires first.
· Allow the player to play again after the game ends.
Note: The computer team shouldn’t be able to fire more rounds of each weapon than the maximum, just like the player.

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