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Write a Java program prompts a user to enter demographic information including year of birth (values 1900-2014), month of birth (values 1-12), day (value of 1-31) of birth, latitude and longitude of home address current grade point average (GPA). Here is a sample run:Enter your birth year (1900-2014): 1989 Enter your birth month (1-12): 10 Enter the day of the month of your birth (1-31): 15 Enter the latitude of your home address: 38.3658 Enter the longitude of your home address: 75.5933 Enter your current GPA (0.0-4.0): 3.8******* Thank you for completing our survey ********************************** You have entered the following data: Birthday: October 15, 1989 Address: Latitude 38.3658°, Longitude 75.5933° Current GPA: 3.8Note the following for the output for this application:1. Integer months have been converted to the correct text values (e.g. 1= January, 2= February2. The latitude and longitude data included the degrees symbol (°). (Hint: Use Unicode characters)

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