You have a group of friends coming to visit for your high school reunion, and you want to take them out to eat at a local restaurant. You are not sure if any of them have dietary restrictions, but your restaurant choices are as follows:Joe’s Gourmet Burgers—Vegetarian: No, Vegan: No, Gluten-Free: No
Main Street Pizza Company—Vegetarian: Yes, Vegan: No, Gluten-Free: Yes
Corner Café—Vegetarian: Yes, Vegan: Yes, Gluten-Free: YesWrite a program that asks whether any members of your party are vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free, to which then displays only the restaurants to which you may take the group.Here is an example of the program’s output:Is anyone in your party a vegetarian? yes
Is anyone in your party a vegan? no
Is anyone in your party gluten-free? yesHere are your restaurant choices:
Main Street Pizza Company

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