Dirty Dice

Let’s play Dirty Dice

The assignment’s objective is to create a C++ based game in which one player (the
user) competes against the computer where each player tries to steal the points
from the opponent. Each player starts out with 100 points. The game is won by the
first player to reach a set number of points. The number of points required to win
the game is to be inputted by the user. Each turn, the player (human or computer)
repeatedly rolls a dice until either a 3 is rolled or the player chooses to hold. If
player chooses to hold, the sum of the rolls (i.e. the turn total) is calculated. At any
time during a player’s turn, the player is faced with a binary decision:

0. roll – If the player rolls a

a. 3: the player steals 3 points from the opponent and it becomes the
opponent’s turn.

b. 1, 2, 4, 5, 6: the number is added to the player’s turn total and the
player’s turn continues (i.e. gets to roll again).

1. hold – The turn total is calculated. The points are subtracted from the
opponent’s score and added to the current player’s score. It becomes the
opponent’s turn.

Check whether a winner has been established at the end of every turn. The player
who takes the first turn in the game is chosen randomly.

Do NOT use: global variables, arrays, pass by reference functions, or pass by
pointer functions.

NOTE: if your C++ file does not compile with standard g++ compiler in Jupyter
Hub you will get a zero on the C++ portion of the assignment (no partial
credit). This will be the case with all C++ assignments going forward.

1) Your program should contain the following three functions (besides the main
function, of course):
roll – takes in nothing. Returns a random int between 1 and 6.
oneTurn – takes in a single boolean variable to indicate whether it’s user’s or
computer’s turn (e.g. 1 = human turn, 0 = computer turn). Plays out the entire turn
until player either rolls a 3 or chooses to hold. Returns the turn total as an integer
value. (Note: this function should be calling the roll function). The computer player

? Roll until it reaches at least some minimum turn total
? Have some randomness in its decision making
? Be capable of rolling or holding past the minimum
loopGame – takes in a single integer value for game points goal (i.e. the number of
points player needs to reach to win the game). Continues to repeat until either
computer player or human player has won. Returns a boolean value (1 = computer
win, 0 = human win). (Note: this function should be calling the oneTurn function).

2) Your program should interactively display the player and the computer choices,
the dice rolls, the running turn total and the running score after each turn.

3) You will need to use randomization for this assignment. Make sure you are
seeding the randomizer so your program doesn’t end up generating the same
pseudorandom sequence every time.

4) For interacting with the user, you must use cin and cout.

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