Course Project= CD/DVD Collection
This program will allow the user to keep track of a CD or DVD collection. This can only work exclusively with either CDs or DVDs since some of the data is different—your choice. The data will be stored in a file. The data from the file will be stored in a text file as records. Each CD/DVD in the collection will be represented as a class, so you will have one class that is the CD/DVD.
The CD class will be limited to 5 songs on that CD. So the class will need to keep an array of 5 strings for the song titles. It should also maintain the length of each song and the total length of the CD. The class will also have the artist name.
The DVD class will have data members for the title of the movie, the length of the movie, the year of the movie and the names of two of the main actors in the movie.
There will be a class that maintains the list of CD/DVDs. This list can be limited to just 5 CD/DVDs. The list provides methods to add a CD/DVD, remove a CD/DVD and update a CD/DVD.
The program should provide a menu for the user to be able to add, delete, update and display the information in a CD/DVD.

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