Emission Data Analysis

Problem 1: CO2 Emissions per Person (R Problem).Researchers were concerned that the key drawback of measuring the total national emissions is it does not take into account the nation’s population size. Thus, to make a fair comparison of contributions, data were collected for CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions for 196 countries per capita (per person) for the year 2017. The data are presented as the average CO2 emissions per capita measured in tons per year.
a) Properly load the data set into R and run view the data set. Print the first ten observations into your document
b) Create a histogram for the variable CO2. Properly title and label your graph and copy it into your document. Present the y-axis as proportions.
c) Interpret the shape of this distribution in one complete sentence.
d) Add the kernel density curve to this graph and copy the graph into your document.
Describe this image in one sentence.
e) Construct a horizontally oriented boxplot of the CO2 variable. Properly title and label and copy this graph into your document.
f) How many outliers do you identify? Sort your data descending to present the number of countries that are outliers. Print this group and copy it to your document.

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