Employees at a certain company get a yearly bonus based on years of service. The bonus is a percentage of their annual salary based on the table below.
Years of Service Bonus Percentage
< 5 3% 5 – 14 7% 15+ 12% Create a class called Employee that can be used for this. It should have attributes of • Name; • Years; and • Salary. Create the following methods. • Default constructor to initialize all attributes • Get/Set for name, years, salary • Get to calculate and return bonus rate • Get to calculate and return bonus amount This class will be used with the Bonus Calculator GUI shown below. With the following named components: Component Type Purpose txtName JTextField Input for name txtYears JTextField Input for years txtSalary JTextField Input for salary btnCalc JButton Click to calculate bonus txtBonusPercent JTextField Displays bonus percentage txtBonusAmount JTextField Displays bonus amount You DO NOT have to code the GUI. The action listener for btnCalc is set up as follows. btnCalc.addActionListener(new ActionListener() { public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) { calcBonus(); //write the code for this method } });

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