EmployeeData CPP

In this homework assignment, you will write a C++ program to store employee data in a List (ADT).You can study List(ADT) functions from your textbook at Chapter 3. Every employee has id, first name, last name, phone number, email address, salary. EmployeeTypeAttributeemployee_idintFirst namestringLast namestringPhone numberstringEmail addressstringsalarydoubleYou will implement the Employee class in a studentName.cppfile. I expect you to have1 file: studentName.cpp.So, Employee class definition will be in the studentName.cppfile.You will read the data from a employeeData.txt file given in the homeworkdescription in Canvas.The data is separated by space, you don’t need to do any string split operations.Once you start reading data from the file, the employees will be insertedto List ordered byemployee_id.This means a new employee may be inserted between two existing employees in the list. At this point, you should use the “insert” function of List class. The insert function takes an iterator as an input to identify the correct position. You can refer Chapter 3.3.1in the textbook. Please note that I do not accept if you add all the employees in random order and use a sort function later. If youdo it, you will lose substantial amount of credit. Whenyou insertall employees, you will print your employee List starting from the first element to the last. You should print all information of each employee. Here once you print the list, you should see employee information ordered based on id.

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