Famous Favorite Subs

Famous Favorite Subs, whereby we have the following:sandwich types: Italian, Turkey, Veggie, Meatball the bread type: wheat, white and Parmesan drinks: soda $1.00, water, coffee and tea sandwich size 12 inch $6.256 inch $4.00 then we have to be able to process the order for payment and delivery here are the details:

In this assignment, you will be asked to demonstrate what you have learned in the Discussion Board in terms of vector, wrapper classes, conversion, and collection data structures by writing and implementing Java code within your application that demonstrates each of these concepts. Hint: These may be utilized in areas of storing items in the customer order so that you can allow the customer to order more than one sub or beverage. Refer to the sample prototype in Unit 1 for the various item lists you will use. Feel free to add more choices to each of these lists

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