Credit card companies typically assign a special digit, called a check digit, to the end of each customer’s credit card number. One simple method to create the check digit is to multiply every other digit in the credit card number by two,
add the products to the remaining digits to get the total, and then take the last digit in the total and append it to the end of the credit card number. Create a Visual Basic Windows application. Use the following names for the solution, project, and form
file, respectively: Georgetown Solution, Georgetown Project, and Main Form.vb. The interface allow the user to enter a five-digit credit card number, with the fifth digit being the check digit. There is a Verify button and an Exit button. The Verify button’s
Click event procedure should use the method listed below to verify that the credit card number is valid. The procedure should display appropriate messages indicating whether the credit card number is valid or invalid. Check Digit Algorithm First four digits:
1 3 5 7
Step 1: Multiply the 2nd and 4th digits by two: 1 6 5 14
Step 2: Add the numbers together 1+6+5+14 = 26
Step 3: Take the last digit in the sum and append it to the first four digits, resulting in the final credit card number: 13576

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