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Heart Rate/Heart Rate/bin/Debug/Heart Rate.exe
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Heart Rate/Heart Rate/obj/x86/Debug/
Heart Rate/Heart Rate/obj/x86/Debug/DesignTimeResolveAssemblyReferences.cache
Heart Rate/Heart Rate/obj/x86/Debug/DesignTimeResolveAssemblyReferencesInput.cache
Heart Rate/Heart Rate/obj/x86/Debug/GenerateResource.read.1.tlog
Heart Rate/Heart Rate/obj/x86/Debug/GenerateResource.write.1.tlog
Heart Rate/Heart Rate/obj/x86/Debug/Heart Rate.csproj.FileListAbsolute.txt
Heart Rate/Heart Rate/obj/x86/Debug/Heart Rate.exe
Heart Rate/Heart Rate/obj/x86/Debug/Heart Rate.pdb
Heart Rate/Heart Rate/obj/x86/Debug/Heart_Rate.Form1.resources
Heart Rate/Heart Rate/obj/x86/Debug/Heart_Rate.Properties.Resources.resources
Heart Rate/Heart Rate/obj/x86/Debug/TempPE/
Heart Rate/Heart Rate/obj/x86/Release/
Heart Rate/Heart Rate/Program.cs
Heart Rate/Heart Rate/Properties/
Heart Rate/Heart Rate/Properties/AssemblyInfo.cs
Heart Rate/Heart Rate/Properties/Resources.Designer.cs
Heart Rate/Heart Rate/Properties/Resources.resx
Heart Rate/Heart Rate/Properties/Settings.Designer.cs
Heart Rate/Heart Rate/Properties/Settings.settings
Heart Rate/Question.txt
Heart Rate/Screenshot_1.png

This part creates a completely new class. The data attributes for the class will be first_name, last_name, age as an integer. Have the constructor that takes all three attributes. You don’t need the method to calculate the age….just the gets and sets for all three attributes. You do need methods to calculate the maximum heart rate and target heart rate.

Add a button to the lower righthand part of the window. It’s click event should instantiate two objects of the HeartRates class you created (for patient 1 and patient 2) and set their names and ages with values from the textboxes on the screen. Then it should use the values returned from their methods (make the return types String for this instead of void on these methods)
For target heart rate and maximum heart rate and report those values to the labels for them on the screen for the user.

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