Individual Initial Checkout Application Project

Individual Initial Checkout Application Project

Complete the following assignment using Appendix F:
• List the application-level requirements for the Checkout
application project.
• Use a structured programming approach to generate an Input-
Process-Output chart for the application.
• Generate the hierarchy chart for the application.
• Scenario: A store owner needs a basic checkout calculator for
his startup business. He wants to be able to take a users order
by entering the item name or number, the quantity and the price.
He then wants to know what the final total for that item should
• Generate The application level requirements, the hierarchy
chart, the IPO table and the pseudocode for the application.
Post the table as an attachment.

Associate Program Material
Appendix F

Application-Level Requirements

Application-Level Requirements List






Input-Process-Output Chart

Complete the following input-process-output chart for the application using a structured programming approach.

Input Process Output

Hierarchy Chart

Complete a hierarchy chart for the application by typing into the textboxes below.

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