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International Finance Incorporated issues
letters of credit to importers for overseas purchases. The company charges a nonrefundable
application fee of $3,000 and, on approval, an additional service fee of 2% of the amount of
credit requested.
The firm’s budget for the year just completed included fixed expenses for office salaries and
wages of $500,000, leasing office space and equipment of $50,000, and utilities and other operating expenses of $10,000. In addition, the budget also included variable expenses for supplies
and other variable overhead costs of $1,000,000. The company estimated these variable over-
head costs to be $2,000 for each letter of credit approved and issued. The company approves,
on average, 80% of the applications it receives.
During the year, the company received 600 requests and approved 75% of them. The total
variable overhead was 10% higher than the standard amount applied; the total fixed expenses
were 5% lower than the amount budgeted.
In addition to these expenses, the company paid a $270,000 insurance premium for the letters
of credit issued. The insurance premium is 1% of the amount of credits issued in U.S. dollars.
The actual amount of credit issued often differs from the amount requested due to fluctuations
in exchange rates and variations in the amount shipped from the amount ordered by importers.
The strength of the dollar during the year decreased the insurance premium by 10%.

1. Calculate the (a) variable, and (b) fixed overhead rates for the year.
2. Prepare an analysis of the overhead variances for the year just completed. (a) What is the total
controllable (i.e., flexible-budget) variance for the period? (b) What is the overhead volume variance for the period? ( Hint: These two should sum to $88,000U.)

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