IT280 Python Convertor

Project Objectives:

The final project will require students to master and apply the core python concepts and programming skills acquired during the semester. Students will also apply critical thinking, problem-solving, design skills as well as demonstrate the ability to plan, organize, manage time, write documentation, and present the project solutions in front of the class and/or audience.

Project Overview:

The Python Convertor is an individual take home project. Students will write and complete the python program ( and documentations in one (1) week.
The project should simulate a length units convertor which allows conversion from inches to feet, inches to yards, and inches to miles.

In completing this project, the requirements are as follows:
• Appropriate declarations and initializations of variables and constants.
• Appropriate data types and conversions.
• Correct mathematical calculations.
• Appropriate functions definitions and calls.
• Fully commented program.
• Correct control and loop structure.
• Accurate output display.
• Use of Object-Oriented Approach.

A Sample Run is given as a reference on the last page of this document.

Project Specifications:

The program should ask the user to enter his/her name then repeatedly displays the menu as shown below:
1. Choice 1: Convert Inches to Feet
2. Choice 2: Convert Inches to Yards
3. Choice 3: Convert Inches to Miles
4. Choice 4: Exit the Program

The program should display the result or an error message as appropriate. After an operation is finished and the output is displayed, the Menu is redisplayed. You may choose another operation or enter 4 to exit the program.

All the Tasks has to be defined within functions and named properly including the displayed menu: a minimum of 4 functions has to be defined. The project should use the object-oriented approach by defining a class and creating objects.

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