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Bonus Rate/BonusRate/bin/Debug/BonusRate.vshost.exe
Bonus Rate/BonusRate/bin/Debug/BonusRate.vshost.exe.manifest
Bonus Rate/BonusRate/bin/Debug/BonusRate.xml
Bonus Rate/BonusRate/bin/Release/
Bonus Rate/BonusRate/BonusRate.vbproj
Bonus Rate/BonusRate/BonusRate.vbproj.user
Bonus Rate/BonusRate/Form1.Designer.vb
Bonus Rate/BonusRate/Form1.resx
Bonus Rate/BonusRate/Form1.vb
Bonus Rate/BonusRate/My Project/
Bonus Rate/BonusRate/My Project/Application.Designer.vb
Bonus Rate/BonusRate/My Project/Application.myapp
Bonus Rate/BonusRate/My Project/AssemblyInfo.vb
Bonus Rate/BonusRate/My Project/Resources.Designer.vb
Bonus Rate/BonusRate/My Project/Resources.resx
Bonus Rate/BonusRate/My Project/Settings.Designer.vb
Bonus Rate/BonusRate/My Project/Settings.settings
Bonus Rate/BonusRate/obj/
Bonus Rate/BonusRate/obj/Debug/
Bonus Rate/BonusRate/obj/Debug/BonusRate.exe
Bonus Rate/BonusRate/obj/Debug/BonusRate.Form1.resources
Bonus Rate/BonusRate/obj/Debug/BonusRate.pdb
Bonus Rate/BonusRate/obj/Debug/BonusRate.Resources.resources
Bonus Rate/BonusRate/obj/Debug/BonusRate.vbproj.FileListAbsolute.txt
Bonus Rate/BonusRate/obj/Debug/BonusRate.vbproj.GenerateResource.Cache
Bonus Rate/BonusRate/obj/Debug/BonusRate.xml
Bonus Rate/BonusRate/obj/Debug/DesignTimeResolveAssemblyReferencesInput.cache
Bonus Rate/BonusRate/obj/Debug/
Bonus Rate/BonusRate/obj/Debug/GenerateResource.write.1.tlog
Bonus Rate/BonusRate/obj/Debug/TempPE/
Bonus Rate/BonusRate/obj/Debug/TempPE/My Project.Resources.Designer.vb.dll
Bonus Rate/BonusRate/obj/Release/
Bonus Rate/Question.txt
Bonus Rate/Screenshot.JPG
Bonus Rate/UpgradeLog.XML

JM Sales employs eight salespeople. The sales manager wants an application that allows him to enter a bonus rate. The application should use the rate, along with the eight sale amounts stored in an array, to calculate each salesperson’s bonus amount. It also should calculate the total bonus paid to the salespeople. The application should display each salesperson’s number (1 through 8) and bonus amount, as well as the total bonus paid, in the interface.

A) List the output and input items, as well as any processing items, then create an appropriate algorithm using pseudocode.

B) Create a new Visual Basic Windows application.

C) Code the application. Use a one-dimensional array whose elements are initialized to the following sale amounts: 2400, 1500, 1600, 2790, 1000, 6300, 1300, and 2700. The txtRate control should accept only numbers, the period, and the Backspace key. The contents of the txtReport control should be cleared when a change is made to the contents of the txtRate control.

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