Jukebox HeroIn C#

Jukebox HeroIn this problem, you will be creating a dictionary that will store album names and a list of songs on that album.First, start by creating a Dictionary that will use a string of the album name as the key. The Value Pair will be a string list. This list will contain each song’s name as an element.There must be at least (4) song names on every album.Then create at least (4) elements in the dictionary. These can be any Album & it’s matching songs that you would like.Explain to the user that you will be showing them a list of album names and prompt them to choose a name to get the songs on that album. Remember to validate this prompt to ensure they are typing in a valid album name.Then create a loop that will cycle through the List (value pair) and print out the names of the songs.User Inputs:The chosen Album NameResult To Print Out:“The album X has the following songs:Song1Song2Song3Song4Song5, etc..”Where X is the Album name.
Where Song1-5 are the names of the songs on that album.
These variables must use the Key and Value Pair from the Dictionary.

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