LAB 0-The basics Code

LAB 0-The Basics Code Include name, lab…..LAB 0-The basics
Include name, lab #, and date
Output at bottom as a comment
Output as a separate file
The problem you are solving is as follows (adapted from Lab 0 Word document):This program is going to have just one function. Its name will be main. In fact every program in ‘C++’ will have a function called main. The computer needs to know where the execution starts.
int main()
return 0;
Inside those curly brackets and before the return statement you will be typing lots of print statements.
cout<<“NAME:\t”; cout <<“E-MAIL:\t”; cout <<”MAJOR:\t”; cout << “COMPUTER EXPERIENCE:\t”; After each of the COUT statements given above, write another statement to output the information. So you will have at least eight statements in all.

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